Drink this for 2 days to cure allergy

Allergy is something that some people get even when they touch sweat. Any item can cause an allergy. This is one that causes a lot of difficulty. Not only sneezing, itchiness, redness, psoriasis and asthma are the problems caused by allergies. Dust, sunlight, pollen and many other causes of allergies? But these are not the right words.

It is not the root cause, but the damage that occurs in our body or disturbances such as intestinal worms can cause allergies. The Eosinophil test and the IgE test are two tests that can be done to find out if you have an allergy. Allergy cannot be reversed with any ointment cream. Gut health is important. Good bacteria should be present in the stomach.

For that it is better to eat probiotic foods like curd, paranganji etc. People with allergies should reduce protein foods. Instead, eat vegetables and ghee. Reduce the foods we usually eat like rice. If it is a mild allergy, there is a good home remedy that can be done at home. Add some turmeric powder, some black pepper, three or four basil leaves and some coconut oil to a glass of milk and mix well. Then drink it. If you add all this and drink it twice a day in the morning and at night, there will be a good change.

This is a home remedy that you can make at home. It is good to drink it for minor sneezing and itching, cold and irritation. Not only that, it is also a good healthy drink. If we call like this for three or four days, we can see the result. Watch the video below for more detailed information.