Be careful with foot wounds in diabetics.

It is estimated that one new diabetic patient is born every 20 seconds in the world. In India and Kerala, the number of diabetic patients is also very high. One of the problems seen in diabetic patients is a rash on the foot which then becomes painful and then the callus changes in color and the skin peels off which turns into an ulcer.

We can avoid this by detecting it in the beginning. It can be controlled by lifestyle adjustments and exercise. We should always try to keep HbA1c below seven. If you feel that there is any kind of injury in the leg, you should check whether there is a problem with the nerve, blood flow, or if the foot is deformed. In this way, if there is no problem.

the wound will heal within a week in sugar patients. If this is the case, if the wound is two centimeters within four weeks, if it is not one centimeter, you should see a doctor anyway. In case of foot injury in diabetic patients, MRI scanning is recommended to check if the bone is affected. State-of-the-art equipment is now available. Anchioplasty of the leg can be done using that. And if there is a wound that does not heal, it is not just dressing, there are many new techniques now.

A wound like this requires a lot of care. And if you try to block or cut it in any way, the chances of it drying out are very low. If it is a normal small wound, as mentioned above, if it does not heal within four weeks, then you should see a doctor. Wound healing can be done with new sophisticated equipment. It is important to be clear about this, more details are included in the video below, the video also talks about the new state-of-the-art devices available in Kerala. See.