Are children snoring heavily and opening their mouths? Is it enough to pay attention to these things?

One of the doubts that many people have is why do children snore while sleeping, or why do children sleep with their mouths open, why do they toss and turn, etc. When this becomes a habit while sleeping or when the mouth is open, it causes the shape of the face to change and the teeth to stick forward.

Not only that, children are often unable to sleep, lie to and fro, and experience difficulty breathing.This is due to nasal congestion. The cause of nasal congestion is the enlargement of the dasha at the back of the nose. Everyone can see Dasha behind their nose. There is no problem with this.

But it gets bigger and then there are problems like infection. This is the cause of such difficulty. If this happens you should see an ENT doctor. Then endoscopy will be done. Then it will check how closed it is. If less than 40 percent is blocked, it can be reversed with medical treatment. Otherwise surgical treatment is required. So, the doubt of many people is whether there is a need to remove the adenoid gland, which shrinks automatically after 10 years of age. If left untreated.

children may suffer from such difficulties until the age of 10. There is a dasha behind the nose which is full and blocked, due to which there are problems like stuffy nose, falling teeth and breathing problems, surgical treatment can be done. It is a day care treatment. If it is done in the morning, it can be discharged in the evening. If you have more doubts, watch the video below.