How to brush your teeth? Which brush to use? Don’t go without knowing these things

There are many mistakes we make while brushing our teeth. Need to know more about it. There was a habit of using umikari in the past. Now you can see brushing your teeth with tooth powder instead. We thought it was healthy. But brushing teeth with tooth powder is not the right way. Similarly, brushing our teeth with a hard brush is a mistake we make.

It is better to use a soft brush. Or if you want a little more hardness, you can use a medium brush. When it comes to tongue scraping, which is another topic, a habit many people have is to use a steel tongue cleaner. When using a steel tangleer it makes it smaller on the tongue which then affects our taste buds.

And it is a habit of many people to take many works by brushing. Then there are those who brush every 30 minutes. But there is exactly one time to brush, less than one minute. As far as brushing is concerned, try to reach as much of the gum as possible while brushing. This is because dirt often accumulates in the gum area.

And brush your teeth twice, in the morning for beauty and at night for health. In the case of small children, milk in front of breastfed children can cause tooth decay. This is because calcium deficiency is not the cause. Leave babies to sleep or play after breastfeeding. Then the portion of milk will be in the mouth. This is the reason. There are many different brush techniques. Brushing your teeth accordingly will improve the health of your teeth. Also note these things. Watch the video below for more details.