This oil is enough to prevent hair fall and grow.

Hair loss is common in everyone today. We use many types of medicines and hair growth products. But none of this gives the right result. Moreover, by using such materials, there are many other harms. But without any of these problems, we can stop hair fall by sitting at home. Curry leaves are essential in our homes.

Take some curry leaves, wash them well, put them in a mixer and grind them well with two or three cherries. Then heat ordinary coconut oil in a saucepan and add these grated neem leaves to it. Stir well for some time. Take well boiled neem leaves in coconut oil and keep them only after they turn a nice green color.

Strain it into another paper. After it cools down we can use it. It is very good to use it not only to get rid of hair fall but also to get rid of dandruff. It will help in getting rid of dandruff. Applying it on the scalp is also good for hair growth. This is an oil that we can easily make ourselves.

Nothing else is added to it and there is no harm whatsoever. It can be used equally by all ages. Just use this oil to get rid of hair fall and grow hair well. This oil is very beneficial made from everyday items that we have in our homes. You can see the results while using it. Watch the video below for more information.