Henna can be made at home to darken gray hair.

We are all looking for ways to turn gray hair black. Different types of henna are also bought from the store. But nothing yields significant results. We can make a henna with household items. As it is natural, it will give you better results than others. We need papaya leaves. It is good after we pluck four papaya leaves. wash off Remove the stem of the leaf and cut the rest into small pieces. Add the chopped leaves and some water and beat it in a mixer. It is good to add two panikurka leaves to it.

After beating it well, strain it twice and take it in another bowl. Fry two teaspoons of gooseberry powder in a saucepan and add two teaspoons of henna powder to it. After mixing it well, strained papaya juice can be poured into it. After it is chopped well, it can be kept aside. It should be used the next day. We can apply it on the head, mustache and trunk. This is a dye that we can easily make ourselves at home. It does not harm the hair or scalp as it does not contain any chemicals.

It can be used equally by all age groups. If gray is bothering you then just use this hair dye and it will give you good results. We can make and use it very quickly. If you use it in the right way, you will get good black hair. Just use this dye to remove gray hair. A positive change will come soon. Watch the video below for more information.