Things to do to prevent cancer

In our changing lifestyle we face various health problems. No specific treatment or medication often gives us the right changes. But we can prevent these types of health problems by making the right changes. Fasting is the main way to do that. There are many ways to fast. Religiously we choose fasts.

But not many people know how to practice fasting in health problems. Fasting that lasts for 12 to 16 hours is a fast that gives us good results in a very good way. This means that in 24 hours we only need to eat for the remaining eight hours. Very good for our body. The method of taking this fast is usually at 6:30 in the evening.

starting with the method of starting the fast and continuing until 9:30 in the next morning. This is the time when we sleep for 8 hours. It is better to avoid drinking water during these hours. When we take this type of fast suddenly, it can affect our body or health. Therefore, make some changes in the diet a few days before taking the fast and enable the body .

to take the fast. Similarly, prepare yourself for the first fasting by consuming something like juices in between and then moving on to fasting without even drinking water. This fast helps a lot in many diseases of our lifestyle. PCOD is mostly seen in women and can be controlled by it. And one of its main benefits is the ability to prevent cancer and fight cancer. Most of our health problems can be solved by adopting this type of fasting. To know more, just watch the video below.