Drinking this juice will not only improve your facial beauty but also cure your stomach problems

ABC juice is very good for many health problems and body beauty. ABC juice means apple, beetroot and carrot juice. It is also a juice that we can make at home very easily. It is also called as miracle drink. There are many of them. It is very beneficial for health as it contains all the fibers and vitamins.

It is possible to drink this juice to get rid of facial wrinkles, spots, and color and give a very good result. Take half an apple, a quarter of a beetroot and a half of a carrot. You can beat it in a mixer. It helps our face and body to become soft. It is also a good anti-oxidant.

It contains Vitamin C and Vitamin E. So drinking it can improve eyesight, heart health and nerve function. Vitamin B12 helps in this. It is also a very good juice for hair. It is better to drink it at least half an hour before eating. Drink this juice at least 4 times a week. It can be consumed by young children to old people. It does not cause other diseases or problems due to drinking it. By drinking only ABC juice, we can reduce many problems in our body. This very useful juice is good for facial beauty and hair. Watch the video below to know more.