Completely Get Rid of Fatty Liver, Foods to Eat and Rules to Follow

Fatty liver or liver inflammation has become a disease that is increasing in people day by day. Fatty liver is classified as grade one, grade 2, grade three and four. We can recognize fatty liver only when tests are done. Grade one is about 8% fat in our body, grade two is eight to 12% fat, female is 12 to 15%, and fourth grade liver is cirrhosis.

Our diet and lifestyle are the main cause of most of these diseases. The main cause of fatty liver is the excessive use of starchy and carbohydrate-containing foods that we eat. Eating too much sugary sweets, sugary bakery items, etc. increases the risk of fatty liver. Also, we can get fatty liver by eating red meat like pork and mutton.

Also, there is a risk of getting fatty liver even though there are people who drink alcohol and smoke. Fatty liver is more common in people who are overweight even if they sit and lie down for a long time without doing much work. There are many symptoms such as pain on the right side under the ribs, excessive fatigue, snoring pain, excessive fatigue.

change in color of urine, etc. Fativar can be identified through a variety of tests. Since it is a lifestyle related disease, we can control fatty liver by making lifestyle changes. Reduce the amount of starch and sweets from the food and eat vegetables and salads instead. Eating fruits and eating fruits as a salad is good. If you have smoking and drinking alcohol, it can be solved by stopping it completely and if you are obese, you can reduce it. Watch the video below to know more.