Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein || 14 September Episode Story & Facts

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein || 14 September Episode Story & Facts

 Friends, today we will tell you which story is being shown in this episode of Aap Ko Saath Nibhana Saathiya, friends, this story is going to be very funny and interesting for you, then you must read it, friends, we will update you daily like this. 





For this, you will have to save our website and share it as much as possible so that we keep on bringing you updates of even better stories every day, friends, in the story shown to you, all the family members come to know that Virat  The transfer has not come right, due to which Virat becomes more and more angry than right, the next day when everyone is sitting at home,


then everyone talks that Janmashtami has become good, on which both Siva and Jeeva have become one in this house.  There has been a lot of happiness, friends, only then the emperor brings gifts for everyone, then Kaku says that oh wow, you have done so many shopping for the rest, it seems that the emperor has brought the sari market home and keeps them.  sits near and says this is not for paakhi it is for all of you rest and me 


You have brought gifts for everyone, the emperor gives gifts to everyone and says that it is all for you, then his mother asks that you and Pakhi have given this gift together, neither why both of you did not come together to give us a gift  Only then Shivani is there she turns things around here Paki goes to Virat’s room Virat has to wear his t-shirt, whom does Topa help Virat thinks is right but when he sees that the rest 


Then she gets surprised then she says that Virat we have brought a gift for you and for that too, both of you have to wear the same in worship tomorrow, Virat refuses that I will not wear it, then Pakhi says that all the family members  If our lips are made, then you will also have to wear the same, only then it comes right and says to the rest that you are the right thing brother, look at this,


I and the emperor have brought gifts for both of you and the rest of the housemates are also right by taking that gift.  She refuses because she knows that the relation between the emperor and the rest is not good, so she refuses to take the sari, then the rest and the emperor and walks right to the right.  She says that I will take a sari only when you truly believe in the emperor and your relationship, then I will take a sari and wear it from my heart,


but don’t pretend it was the rest, the mother thinks in her mind that how did she know that I did this  Everything you are doing to show the emperor, then cut off the rest and speak half, then what am I saying, I did not think of anything like that, why are you making Ratangarh of the matter, only then the emperor comes at the gate and listens to him 


He thinks whether the rest is really pretending to be with me or is it something else, friends, before going to the next story, let us tell you that you will get to see the story of more episodes on our website, that too sorry  There is a lot of interest and fun, you must see them, friends, we will keep bringing new updates for you every day, so stay tuned to our website every day, friends, sorry, I will be shown to you that when the emperor listens to everything, then along with the rest  behaves the same and tries to find out friends you will get updates soon till then stay with us on our website

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