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Anuj Kapadia speaks to Anupama that his presentation two Anupama laptops come to open it. Tell me, there is no need for a laptop, Anupama says no, my daughter-in-law’s burning has been prepared very hard, I will definitely give it, then Anupama tells

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Shares her ideas and says that mother’s hand should be food, sometimes she starts to stop that Saif should be everyone’s knowledge, they know what they like, she says mother’s hand must have food too because we go so far


They also need love, a little Anupriya gives media, she starts stopping all the work, you will see when Anupama’s idea ends, she says that I am done then Anushka Patiya says that Vanraj your decision is very good, your practical apple Anupama you are emotional


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And if I do not run in emotional business, then I will tell after thinking, still thinking after thinking then I will stand from there and start walking, only when they take loyalty, Anushka Pahadia stops Anupama and remains inside the experience and all the hair is the box of her soul. gives and says


She says that the woman never leaves the box, then the experience starts coming, then open it and see that there is something in it, she opens the film with Anupama, she gets a lot in it, she remembers her childhood and says I do not forget a little. I had gone, Anuj Kapadia speaks, I did not say, I still remember him and then recites him poetry.


Then the album comes and goes, Grandpa was right, then it goes out, you will see the style and Kavya is standing, sometimes she says that you came alone, thought that you went together, you will take us along, then will see your walk too Otherwise she asks the slaves what to talk about, for that I did not die in the evening, Anupam used to say that the box has been given.


Then the same you will see on the other side, Samar is celebrating Nandani, the song settles and while cycling, everyone is reminding you of the old, by writing sorry on the shirt, starts persuading many others, starts roaming around the grandmother. The song is playing and says sorry


Man the river does not say, forgive me, I did not listen to you, if whoever was my girlfriend, then I should also stay like this a little, forgive me, we both will do people together in this, then you will see Manraj and poetic reason on the other side When are you talking poetry?


That clothes are very intelligent today, I have read his profile, he will never bring emotional in friendship, he will see his own, will not see emotional, he will go to desi, even if it takes a day or two. Will see you all go to the house, Leela asks what happened, there she speaks poetry.


I have seen a very good presentation, Leela says that you were not even there, tell Vanraj’s father Manraj, then let’s see today it is very good, sometimes anupama says who has called from a useless wife, otherwise she starts saying experiences.


What was needed was to give peace for half an hour, how would it have felt to tell him that the airplane was invented, someone must have told him whenever it felt strange, not everyone’s idea could be seen.



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