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Friends, today in this article, you will get to read what will happen in the episode of Anupama, although you know what is going on in the experience Anuj Kapadia, friend of Anupama, if you want to know what will happen next, you visit our website to know. Keep doing for the latest episodes and also follow the telegram channel.





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Vanraj and Kavya are going in the car, Kavya is talking about Anuj, she is saying that Anupama is her friend, so good we should take her help and are talking a lot about what happens and saying It would have been or Kavya that I did not know that Anuj would be so handsome and such a businessman and such a good nature, there is no pride in him at all, we should befriend him and what is the relationship between Anupama and she was dancing so openly. Were talking about something or else today I had to hide the shortcomings.

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But Kavya keeps on talking and talking about Anuj, all Vanraj lives by cutting him in anger. Kapadia asks Divya why Anupama is upset. Divya says that she has a loan of 40 lakhs, on top of this, she wants to sell her factory so that it is also launched, then Anshu thinks I should help her then see you Divya. And Anu ji starts dancing


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Then you will see on the other side that Vanraj and Kavya are sitting at home, only then Anupam comes, Kavyansh says that you were dancing for so long that Ashok is not your friend, there is nothing special Anupama says that your thinking is like this. I must have never thought that Vanraj and you kept on meeting and something is happening between you, I always saw friendship and we went to Marine Union



There all the friends were dancing with each other, I do not think like you, then keep on speaking poetry and say something, Vanraj gets up from there and leaves, we just leave, says that my knee is hurting. Give me balm, I have to apply balm, he didn’t dance in high heels, that’s why it hurts, then you will see the next poem talking to Vanraj and saying


Explain that to Anupama, tell Anupama that he will befriend Anuj Kapadia, we have to repay the loan too and think about Rakhi, how will she give him a loan, she will tell us, from where did we get so much money, the poem says that you talk to Anupama Do or else today says we don’t need to talk to him, we don’t want anyone to help us, says Kavya


Yes I know but think in business we have to make friends with friends, they will work in front of us. Looking ahead, Anupama is thinking about her, at what time we have onions, Anupama gets a call from Divya.


She says that she was talking about Anuj. Anupama says why are you talking about him, his name is flowing again and again. Then you will see further that Anu ji is listening to songs and is already asleep that I should help Anupama as she is in trouble.


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