You can find out at home whether the acidity problem is due to too much acid or less

When it comes to stomach problems, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is acidity. Why Acidity is a problem that affects everyone. If you eat normal food, the burning inside the chest will start to feel tight, there will be flatulence and there will be muscle cramps. But these problems are not only caused by excess acid, in 50% of people.

these problems are caused by low acidity. One thing that many people say now is that they cannot eat the food they used to eat before because it causes acidity. Eggs and legumes cannot be eaten. Only if our stomach is good, bacteria and fungi can grow. And although the protein must be broken down, it must be in a good way.

Without it, a vegetable usually rots if left outside for a while, and the same happens in the stomach, which produces gas. If we are hypoxic, our body does not get many of the minerals it needs and because of that there are many problems like hair loss, hemoglobin goes down and always feeling tired. It also causes various types of muscle weakness.

How do we know if we are hypoacidic? If we go to the doctor, we can do tests for it, but a test that can be done at home is to mix a spoonful of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drink it for three to four minutes. Then eat protein-rich foods like eggs. Then if you don’t have the usual acidity problems then you know you are hypo-acidic, if you are hyper-acidic the level is high. This way you can learn from home. Watch the video below to learn more.