Stomach gas can be expelled in 1 minute. If you eat this

Most of the people today are suffering from problems due to gastrul. Hypoacidity is often the root cause of all these types of problems. Stomach related problems occur due to the decrease in acid in our body. The reason for the decrease in acids in the body is due to the difference in the amount of H pylori.

There is a possibility that we may have this type of problems due to the thyroid and body in the body. If you feel discomfort even after 20 minutes after eating, it is because of hypoacidity. In this way, we can identify whether the acid is low or high and is the cause of these problems.

For this, take a quarter teaspoon of baking soda and add it to 100 ml of water and drink it. If you have gas coming out within four minutes, you can say that you are normal. If gas does not come out after 4 minutes, it means that the acid level in your body is low. If you are suffering from hypoacidity, drink apple cider vinegar five minutes before eating protein such as eggs. It is very good to drink it mixed with water. It will help you to reduce gastritis. Ginger is a very good remedy for this.

Drinking curd with ginger is very good. Similarly drinking lemon juice in water etc. in this way is very useful. By controlling H pylori and adopting these ways we can control it to some extent. Even if hypoacidity increases like hyper acidity we have this kind of difficulty. .It is very good to take two or three spoons of black cumin and grind it with honey. Crushing Nanari root and drinking water will also help to reduce it. If you have gastric problems, pay attention to these things. To know more, just watch the video below.