Just do these 6 exercises to get rid of severe knee pain and back pain

There are those who suffer from back pain and knee pain. It is mandatory for them to do exercises, but many do not do it because there are no gym facilities nearby as doctors have told them to do exercises. But to get rid of back pain and knee pain in a good way, we can do back pain-free exercises at home and we don’t need any facilities.

Lie straight to do this. Take a bow and place it on the head. Then relax both the hands and keep the feet together and press our chin back. Then the head will be pressed against the back of the pillow. When pressed back like this, a pressure is felt there. Do this for 10 seconds and then relax. Then press the shoulder part back.

After stopping like this, there will be a feeling of pressure. Then relax. Then bend both the knees and put the other leg on top of the left leg and put the hand behind the head and tilt the big one slightly to the side. Try to sell with the back of your hand. Do this on both sides.

After doing this, fold the toe part of one knee forward with your hand on top of your stomach. Hold it up like this and then do the other leg. Then place some kind of soft object behind the knee. Then press the button. You can watch its video below. These types of exercises are good and we can do them at home in the morning.