How to diagnose glaucoma Things to know to protect your eye health

There are many types of eye related problems. Glaucoma is one of the important ones. Glaucoma is a problem with the nerves in the eye due to pressure in the eye. When the pressure in the eye increases, the blood flow to the nerve decreases and the nerve becomes tired. Nerve fatigue is normal in the eye even without pressure.

Normal pressure should be between 10 and 20. It usually comes on gradually. There is no correlation between eye pressure and body pressure. Usually there are no symptoms. If you go for an eye test, people above 40 years of age will be tested according to the glaucoma protocol and the eye pressure will be checked.

Some people can see straight but not sideways. These symptoms are common. If you go for a test, do that too. Visual field test is done to check how much we can see. It is also said that only 30 to 40 percent of the nerves are affected. Tests are available to test whether Eye health is important to travel.

If you see any of these symptoms or if you have problems with your eyesight, it is better to go for an eye test and get a pressure test done. By doing these types of tests, we can identify if we have any kind of problems with the eye and it can be changed. We can completely reverse it with meditation or we can do things like laser surgery. Drops are usually used. Pay attention to these things. Watch the video to learn more