Fenugreek and turmeric are enough to turn gray hair black

Gray hair is becoming a major problem faced by everyone irrespective of age. I use various oils and hair dyes to turn my gray hair black. But fats and oils give us more problems and once damages. Because it contains mostly chemicals. But gray hair can turn black very easily. For this we can use only the daily use items that we have in our homes.

Panikurka leaves are better if they are sprouted. After washing some Pani Kuruka leaves well, put them in a mixer and grind them well in the form of juice. Strain it well and keep it in another bowl. It is better to take a bowl of black cumin and put it in a wok and roast it well and add two or three almonds. Once it is cooked to a nice black color.

it can be kept aside. Then leave it on a paper to cool for some time. After cooling we can grind it well in a mixer. Put powdered black cumin seeds in a saucepan and add two teaspoons of cashew powder to it and stir well. Pour little by little and mix until it forms a fine dye. We can set it aside when it needs to be thick and in shape.

After it cools down, we can apply it on the head, mustache and beard. Apply it all over well and leave it for an hour without washing it off. Do not use any shampoo or soap to wash your hair. Instead, it will be more effective if you wash your head with water diluted with guava leaves at home. Just watch the video below to know.