Cayman Aloe is the same for blackening hair, but it should be used like this..

Today, gray hair is seen in more and more people regardless of age. For many people it causes great difficulties. We take many ways to turn gray hair to black. We use many things like oils and hair dyes. But none of these provide the right kind of changes and the chemicals it contains can cause us other problems as well.

But we can also get rid of dark hair at home. All we need for this is aloe vera and curry leaves. The benefits of aloe vera are many. Aloe vera is a solution to many problems such as thinning hair, preventing hair fall and getting rid of dandruff problems. Since it is a non-additive dye, it does not cause any other damage to us.

It is also a method that is very easy to make and use. To make hair dye, we can take aloe vera, wash it well, cut it into small pieces, remove the skin and take the gels. After taking enough curry leaves and washing them well, add aloe vera gel and curry leaves to 2 paneer leaves and grind them well in a mixer.

Then pour it in a saucepan and add one teaspoon of cashew powder and two teaspoons of henna powder to it and mix it well. It can be put aside if it is in a thick form. It should be covered and used only the next day. Next day we can see it as a nice black color. We can apply it on the head, in different parts of the mustache and on the trunk. Wash off after an hour. We can see the positive changes after using it once. To know more, just watch the video below.