Online Classes

Online Classes

Education system in India are currently based only on traditional methods of learning , they follow the method of face to face lectures in a classroom. Many schools and institutions have also started the education in blended mode. Online classes is the tool that can make the teaching and learning process more student-interactive more innovative and even more flexible.


Online classes use different devices like mobile phones laptops etc with Internet access. Student can learn from anywhere in this environment of online learning.

The sudden outbreak of pandemic covid-19 forced many schools and colleges to remain closed temporarily.

Covid-19 has deeply affect the global economy. It has badly affect the education system all over the world. Most of the schools, colleges and universities avoid traditional face to face teaching during covid-19 to maintain social distancing .


Why you should involve in online classes ?


As a student, online education can be a useful learning method for sharpening your skills in a difficult subject, or learning a new skill.  These are some reasons why you should involve in online classes:



Online classes enables the teacher and the student to set their own learning pace, and there’s the added flexibility of setting a schedule that fits everyone’s agenda.  Online classes teaches the students good time management skills which help them in good work-study.

Selection of programs: Growing number of universities and higher education schools are offering online versions of their programs for various levels and disciplines. Studying your program online is also a great option for getting an official certificate, diploma, or degree without physically present in the university campus.



Online classes enables you to study or teach from anywhere in the world.

It means you no need to travel from one place to another. Online education can be available anywhere but internet connection must be good and it is most beneficial when you are traveling.

Customized learning experience: Online education is flexible for each student’s individual requirements and level of ability.

Online classes tend to be smaller than conventional class size. Most of the time, online learning platforms only allow one student at a time, and in almost all cases, this allows for greater interaction and more feedback between you and your tutor.



Online education is more affordable than traditional education. There’s also often a wide range of payment options that let you pay in installments or per class. This allows for better budget management. You can also save money from the commute and class materials, which are often available for free.

In other words, the monetary investment is less, but the results can be better than other options.

These are few reasons to choose an online education, which seems better than the traditional classroom experience.


Online classes and Covid-19


The COVID-19 has resulted in schools shut all across the world, education has changed dramatically, with the distinctive rise of e-learning, whereby teaching is undertaken remotely and on digital platforms. As the educational institutes closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the government has been encouraging online education to achieve academic continuity.

The online option is a need in this pandemic situation. It has brought education to us without us going anywhere, and it is more flexible. Many teachers are making the best of this situation by exploring new methods of teaching and assessment.


The constraints of the pandemic provided an opportunity for educators to consider new strategies to teach targeted concepts. Online education opens up a lot of possibilities for students and teachers. The coronavirus pandemic has forced students and educators across all levels of education to rapidly adapt to online learning.


Before the pandemic, the primary purpose of distance and online education was providing access to instruction for those otherwise unable to participate in a traditional, place-based academic programme. The flexibility and learning possibilities that have emerged from necessity are likely to shift the expectations of students and educators, diminishing further the line between classroom-based instruction and virtual learning.


Advantages of Online Learning


• Online classes helps you save time, which you invest in online learning and any other task that needs your attention.

• You can learn from anywhere, you can learn from the office during your break and even from home.

• Online learning allows you to learn even from your bed, as long as you understand the content. You can learn from a place you are comfortable with, whenever you want.

• The fact that you learn from wherever you are means there are no fuel or transport costs. This helps you in reducing expenses.

• Online learning provides resources in soft copy. This way, you can always share with a friend who needs them.

• They are not set for any specific time. You take them whenever you have the time.

• Online classes helps you be a self-driven person with great time conscious skills.


Disadvantages of Online Learning


• When there is a problem with your internet system, online learning is impossible. There is nothing you can do. Slow connections are even worse.

• Online classes requires a good grasp of technology skills.  It is not just about knowing how to start your computer and getting to the site. You need to know how to navigate the screen

• Learning in a physical classroom is interesting and more involving as human interaction is present. There are classmates to connect with and an instructor to consult for immediate feedback. This lacks in online learning.


• Online classes can’t provide practical knowledge of some practical subjects like medical and laboratory courses.

• Online learning will be a waste of time and money, especially for the professional courses.

• If you are taking online classes from your home, there can be much noise of children and background noise, so you should take care of it. It can distract your mind and concentration.


So these are some merits and demerits of online classes. Online classes can be beneficial for students if they take it seriously in positive way. They can learn much more by saving their time and it could a bring lot of new innovation and skills. Such systems of online education need to be developed in educational institutions that make sure that no student is getting deprived of education due to their location, social class, ethnicity, and so on.


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