Facebook Marketing 10 Best Tips

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is such a social networking site on which you can easily connect with your family and friends online and you can also share what you find interesting and good with your friends and family members who are connected on Facebook. Facebook is with you, although it was designed for college students, but by the time 2004 to 2020, Facebook will become such a big network, maybe even Mark Zuckerberg will not think that mark Zuckerberg is the one who created Facebook today 2.6 of Facebook There are billion users and 1.73 billion users visit the Delhi social networking site, if you market your business on such a big platform, then you have to be profitable, so 7 tips on Facebook will help you.


Best tips for Facebook marketing


1.Choose the Right Category

Create your company’s page on Facebook and while setting it, choose the right category like business, brand, community and public figure, if you are building a brand then business and brand category option will be right for you but but you are your own friend Or if you want to promote yourself or you are involved in any online community, real world and want to promote that group, then when appointment and public figure option will be better for you.


2.Optimize Photos

Use high quality photo in your profile because you are promoting a brand then your people will come in profile image which should be simple easy tractive and cover photo of your page should also be attractive so that people easily visit your page And will be able to see and know what is available on your page, what is the product sale and they will easily visit your page


3.Promote your Facebook Page

For this, you have to first promote your Facebook page and share it with your friends who are interested in your business Invite your friends to your page, continuously such high quality content to reach your page to the right person. Keep sharing what your followers should like and share Include a follower button on your website and social media to make it easier for your audience to connect with you on Facebook.


4.Choose CTA Buttons

Use the Useful and Most Effective CTA Button on your Business Page.

•Contact us

•Book now

•Use App

•Shop now

•Sign up

•Watch Video

So using the right CTA button increases the conversion rate and helps in increasing the revenue as well as increasing the side and product sign ups.


5.Post Videos

Engagement can be boosted through video content You can also take advantage of Facebook Live which is a live video training service through which everyone can procast videos from their mobile and this will also give you good results in marketing engagement.


6.Analyze content

Analyze your contacts Even if you are posting contacts, it is also very important to monitor metrics to find out the engagement ratios, for this you should use Facebook Insights, which gives you a lot of information about your contacts and audience. All the information will be available and you will be able to decide which contact is very popular, which is the best time to post and which is the best day, what kind of contact do your users accept from you.

7.Promote your page with facebook Ad

You can promote your business page by running ad camping on Facebook, use your objective for this, find out what is your impact behind doing Facebook Adm, you want to increase brand awareness, you want to increase sales on the website or download the app want to increase.


8•Select Audience

Select your audience according to your objective such as






Select Base.


9.Ad Run

Officer Gram wants to run an ad on Facebook’s YouTube channel or else there is an option to run a bed on all these together on a specific mobile device which can be sucked.


10.Budget Set

Enter your Daily or Lifetime budget and the time period to run the ad also how much will be the cost of Facebook ads, it depends on these 8 factors.


2.Ad Budget

3.Ad Bid

4.Ad Objective

5.Ad Placement

6.Ad Quality




The cost of Facebook aids also depends on your bid modern, which of these bid modern you choose.CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per thousand impressions).If you use CPC, the Facebook advertising cost approx $0.97 on click and if you use CPM this cost approx $7.19 will be a thousand impressions.Next to this you have to choose a format, choose a suitable format from these ads format.


•Photos Ads

• Videos Ads

•Stories Ads

•Messengers Ads

• Carousel Ads

•Slideshow Ads

•Collection Ads

•Playables Ads

After this you will have to place your order, submit your ad, after which it will reach the end right person through the ads option. If you want to measure or manage your ad while your ad is running then you can add manage campaigns through your manager ad account and track your performance so that you can get the best result then friends in facebook Through tips, you can quickly reach the business to the target audience by following Facebook marketing and can easily move towards profit in the business.


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