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Affiliate Marketing

Friends, as you all know how bad the economy has become, in today’s environment due to covid-19, everyone is sitting at home, no one is getting a job, even those who are educated are getting jobs at low salaries. And those who had saved their money are starting their own business at home. In today’s article, we are going to tell you about such a way by which you can earn money sitting at home. You must be aware that everyone has grown on the way to earn money with technology, everyone is earning money online.

In this covid-19, you know that everyone is shopping online, sitting at home, you know that everything is being available online, whether it is ration goods, whether it is clothes, electronic goods or bikes, etc., that car etc. Things have started getting online. For this reason everyone is making their own blog, making their website on which they can sell their product and earn money online. Apart from this, there is another medium which is beneficial for those working online, which is named Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is such a way of earning by which people market the product of another company from online sources such as blog, website, YouTube channel, social media, publicize it, because of that the company sells that person to that person because of the purchase. Gives commission to the person on each product, it depends on the product, how much commission is to be given.

There are many such companies that can make their product reach more people so that they can increase the sales of their product, so they use affiliate marketing, because of this the one who promotes the product gets some commission and both benefit. It also happens to the company and who is promoting the product.

Affiliate marketing is mostly for those people who are bloggers and running a website and if they do not get approved by Google Adsense, then they can do affiliate marketing. They run blogs and websites, which they believe that affiliate marketing can give more money than Google Adsense.

How work affiliate marketing?

Ever since the demand for online shopping has increased, ever since people have stopped coming to the market, due to which they remain unaware of the product that comes in the market, which product has come in the market as well as you know that nowadays every Some people spend most of their time on social media.


Everyone remains active on social media throughout the day, due to this the distance of people from all the news things is increasing, due to this companies have come up with the method of affiliate marketing, due to which the company’s product should also be advertised and due to that the companies’ income. Grow too. Because of which online worker is using affiliate marketing and earning money from affiliate marketing


To do affiliate marketing, any person has to join the affiliate program of any company. There are many companies running plate marketing.


Best affiliate program companies

•ICUBESWIRE Affiliate, ICUBESWIRE…, ICUBESWIRE Affiliate marketing

•FLIPKART Affiliate, FLIPKART…, FLIPKART Affiliate marketing

•GODADDY Affiliate., GODADDY Affiliate marketing, GODADDY….

•Amazon Affiliate, Amazon Affiliate Marketing., Amazon…

•Omission Affiliate marketing., Omission Affiliate, Omission…

•HostGator Affiliate marketing.., HostGator Affiliate.., HostGator…

•Nearby Affiliate marketing.., Nearby Affiliate.., Nearby..


All these companies give good money to Affiliate to promote their product. Affiliate is said to be those who promote their product by joining affiliate program such as through block, website.


This person can be anyone who works online. The person who joins the plate, the company gives him a linked banner with which he promotes their product. After clicking on that banner, the visitors go to the website of the company they have joined.


Who can do  Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing can be done by anyone who does online business which has website or blog or any channel. Affiliate program itself gives uniqueness, whose website gets more visitors, more than 5k, the more visitors you have, the more you will earn. If you do not have any website or YouTube channel, then you can do affiliate marketing there by coming to the Facebook page, but you should have more followers on your page.

How to get involved with Affiliate Marketing

If you have a source of earning money online like website youtube channel then you can earn more money from affiliate marketing. First of all, you have to join the affiliate program of any company. For this you have to follow some steps.


First of all, you have to create an affiliate account by visiting any company’s account, if you do not know which company runs the affiliate program, then you simply go to YouTube or Google and search for affiliate program companies. By going to the flat program of any company, you have to click on sign up, then you have to fill some basic details. As if


• Name

• Address

• Number

• Email

• PAN card no.

• Bank account details


After creating the account, the company checks your details and sends a confirmation mail. By copying the link of the product or making a poster of the company whose product you want to sell, you can put it on your website YouTube channel. Affiliate companies mostly use paypal bank transfer to transfer money.


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