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Mithila Modi is scolding the zodiac and is saying that tell the truth, you did not ask for the truth, otherwise no one will be worse than me, the zodiac again tells the truth that yes I had ordered and the zodiac says that the mind I used to think that I have to escape somehow, that’s why she says that I had asked for copiers, all this Mithila Modi speaks.


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Just shut up, I know who was asking for what, I am saying sorry to Gopi Bola Na Mithila Speaks Speaks


Tera Mera Saath Rahe TV serial


Whether or not you will have to say sorry, Rajeshwar now says sorry to Mithila Mori, but Mithila will not say sorry to you, you will come to touch the feet of Gopika because she is your elder sister-in-law and Gopi’s can press your feet, so you will not dry her feet. You can then see that your zodiac touches your feet and apologizes to Gopi’s feet, then you will see everyone go there, after the departure of all, something speaks in the capable mobile, in the name of Mr. Mr. answers in the mobile.


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Gopi then takes Saksham’s mobile and makes Hindi English, she sees the whole thing, then she goes out while studying, then she will see the zodiac in front of you, the amount speaks while reading Gopi’s, where did you study Gopika speaks I have mobile understood that they told that the amount does not speak, it is written wrong


He is telling wrong, if I tell you, then I know that I know English, I will tell you right, the zodiac is angry, then the zodiac gets it written wrong, gets it written and keeps on writing Gopi’s face. To speak in the ritual, you will see again that you take lakhs and lakhs of Shabak Gopi, while on the other side you will see that your Pramila comes to know that the pole of the zodiac has been exposed.


Pramila thinks that Rashi will be very angry but you will see that Rashi and Chirag are coming down but Mila sees that Vyas is there, only then Mila media people say that look daughter-in-law has come Mithila Modi’s media people go and The media people ask for money, you are Gopika, she says no, I am the zodiac, the wife of the younger daughter-in-law of this house, she will be his wife, then the media says


That she’s sorry we don’t have to interview you, I have to interview the elder daughter-in-law, those who do this then come to Mila on the zodiac, but Mila asks, are you so happy, you have gone mad, what do you say, have you not come again? You will see that the media does not say anything to Gopi and then the media people say that you stand together, I have to take a photo of you.


We are not standing together, only then brings me and says that stop and take the photo later, now the daughter-in-law of Modi family will introduce us about this house, then you will see that Mithila Modi goes upstairs to the reception on the stage and says That Gopi daughter-in-law should introduce today that you are welcome to come here in the ceremony of showing your face.


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