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Friends, in this amazing article, today you have got to read what will happen in the episode of Tamarind, although you already know what is going on in Mili, if you want to know what will happen in the next episode, then keep visiting our website. And also join telegram channel to get latest updates on time.


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Aditya tells Imli you have full faith in me Aditya comes, I thought last night what happened with your elders, we don’t remember anything, we just want to come to you, Tamarind says, still you could not get away from us and Malini didi, you could do so much in the night.


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If it is for the sake of you, keep us in you Aditya says give me one last chance, Tamarind says that I try again and again to trust you, but now I can’t, Aditya stops Mili from going FIR Aditya leaves goes to Malini comes Aditya apologizes and Malini forgives her


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The smell of FIR Malini goes to stop me, give it to Malini Seeing this, he goes to mourn, after telling the FIR what is there, you go to meet Papa Tamarind Everything that happened, but not you, for Aditya, you both should get away from me I love aditya love me what we do between us at night we have proof


Primary from there father is stopping Tamarind, understands Tamarind tell you where are you, FIR starts stopping from Aditya and says that you can’t do this too, you can’t leave me, know Shakti from Aditya’s words, please do for home. There has been an FIR giving her money to Tamarind and everyone has said everything is wrong.


Ditya’s mind speaks, this is all wrong FIR Aditya’s deadbolt, which is right, all that he has is right All are free agreements, why are you doing so many signs on us, this girl speaks with you, will not let you go, even if you can’t leave the funniest B, even if we leave behind you, we will leave the one who knows something in the weight


The FIR will not be extinguished by English, mother Aditya, you will never do it and we are not greedy in this rupee Will also go away but people will be FIR Our doll’s head keeps bowing, we all keep quiet after listening to this, but by making fun of MI’s love, you have proved that their in-laws are not able to take tamarind even after being so hot Says a lot of rays, you will get it now,


I do not know the price of marriage, you will know its peacock, Kiran Tamarind’s hands Take the difference of my caste but Aditya stops Tamarind’s hand by making sure Aditya is NGTE with folded hands, the matter per Malini’s mother is angry and the story is if my daughter does not get justice then


I will report to the main police if I The daughter did not get justice, the film everyone knows that I am with your son, I am forced to say that I have nothing like this, how do you explain to everyone, son, do not do this if one police will go here Aditya says,


I want guilty Haman Saja If he speaks in the mouth of Malini, then he turns to go, then he has gone to go, then he goes to the door, Malini says, Aditya cannot even think in my bare hands.


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