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So you tell Anuj clothes that you go, from here we will send you a video of how and dance class you can go from here, it is not necessary to watch Anuj Kapadia speaks, I am buying my place and I have every right. If you look at this place, talk comfortably, then you start talking by adding to it and start saying something.


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What does Anuj Kapadia think you leave from here otherwise I will kick you out Well Anuj Kapadia says that I have to come and see and it is not yours, it is of Anupama and Vanraj and you want me to go away I will leave but remember that your cafe and factory will go along with the hope of selling and remember I am leaving


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Neither I will buy it myself nor will I let anyone else buy it, Anuj starts leaving clothes saying this, then Rakhi speaks, then how big a mistake he has made, then you should know how big a big man’s ego is. Show she starts to relax and says


Kitum also became like Rakhi then dekhnega ringtone starts ringing mobile ki realize that so think, she was looking for dream, then you will see next Anushka Patiya will cry, says that you will not show your dance cad academy to me Anupama Orange Kapde Dance Academy go to see


Then you will see there Anuj Kapadia sees the photo of Anupama and takes her photo Vanraj is getting angry on the other side there, I don’t know what you are doing for so long, once this meeting is finalized, I too for 9 years will not give just keep working it seems


Then you will see further that your Anuj starts going to the clothes, Anuj has to fall, only then Anupama takes care of Anupama ji’s new one, then Pandey takes care of Anupam who tells each other that I will be very insulted if I am in the gym. If she falls, she says she gets in front of my children, teasing me for a long time that you had fallen, then you will see that the clothes start going


Then you will see on the other side Nandini and Samar are eating ice cream and while talking, Samar is saying that there is someone in everyone’s life, in my life you say that there is a kinjal in life, there is someone in everyone’s life but There is no one in my mother’s life, she loves everyone


But no one has given him love, it is not easy to become till today and prays to God to send someone in my mother’s life alphabet, then you look at the other side, he is dreaming, he dreams of the unique beginning of his marriage. Anuj Kapadia wakes up when she gets married to him in life.


In tension and GK, GK starts shouting, Ji’s comes and those who increase it say that today I had such a dream which did not come till today, only Anupama used to meet me somewhere on the way in college but today she was with me, I do not dream should have come he has kids


She will not do this, should not keep hope, GK tells me hope seems to happen, nothing like this should happen further Anuj Kapadia and his grandfather come home the next day, Banda with jalebi sees him well and he sleeps.


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