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Tera Mera Saath Rahe story and full episode






Mithila Modi gives a letter to Gopi and says that in this I have written about tonight’s function in Gujarati, you will introduce but you have to give introduction in English, so to introduce in English, I leave from there saying that I went Modi Gopi. She gets tensed, then Gopi goes to Rashi and says that mother has asked me to give it in English but I don’t know English, you teach me, do you speak English Rajiv, I don’t have time


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So I have to be ready to teach today, Sajna has to ride, Gopi says that I will prepare you, you do not agree to teach me English and leave from there, calls the rope, meets her mother and says Look how much thing Modi has given to me, I don’t know what I will wear tonight, but I do not know what I will wear, but it says that you are the daughter-in-law of Modi family, order anything from the market, the amount will come again. ok ok


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Found me but says ok, let me do my shopping, I have to come at night, then order the amount for myself, the same you will see on the other side Gopi goes to Saksham and keeps all the things there Gopi wants to say that you teach me English but if you want to listen able, then he stands up and says


You got what you wanted, yes Gopi is saying about capable sisters, she also understands that she is studying, then you will see that Gopi leaves from there because there is also a capable Gopi near her Nanda She goes there, then Gopi says that you teach me English, I do not know English, today I have to speak at night.


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You will see that your Kinjal has a lead in her ear, so she cannot hear, then when she has written from work, then Gopi calls Kokila Modi. Then you will see that from the other side Parmila goes to the market on her son’s game, my village gets the lamp of her daughter Rashi’s husband coming there. Urvashi goes to the jewelery shop and acts as if she saw him there. not only then his son says


Chirag Chuchu meets him again, then you will see that I sit there and Julie starts checking and Julie starts crying while giving Chirag is happy, what happened but I will tell lies, say that I have lost my daughters. This jewelry was mortgaged for marriage so that they can have a good marriage, it belongs to my elders, steals me from my heart, you keep the gift from my side, I pray to you


But don’t let yourself be happy, then prays to the lamps, then on the other side you will see that a man is a lot and takes more and more lakhs of rupees, the lower Modi shouts and says who has ordered 1100000 orders, who is this message Modi Pramila Mithila asks everyone, then also asks Rashi and does her chest, then will see you go to Gopi, Mithila stands in Modi Rashi


Modi Gopi Saathiya Gopi goes near the same, says no copy has not been ordered, I know it is very much like to adorn it, then will see you all run away to check whose name is written in the fake. The message is written Modi because even before his arrival Rashi writes Gopi’s name on that leaflet.


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