Sath Nibhana Sathiya Season 2 || 13 September Episode Story & Facts

Sath Nibhana Sathiya Season 2 || 13 September Episode Story & Facts

Friends, today we are going to tell you which story is being shown in this episode of Aap Ko Saath Nibhana Saathiya Season 2. Friends, to know this story completely, you have to save our website and share it as much as possible so that You keep getting all our upcoming updates, friends,





we will keep bringing such funny and interesting stories for you, so stay tuned with us in the story shown to you, friends on our website, when all the family members of Ganpati are busy in worship somewhere, then Sagar Anand’s Sagar comes into the room and puts a device,



Sagar keeps talking to Kanak on the phone and then Radhika takes the phone from Kanak and tells Sagar that if you do not bring tears to the eyes of all the family members of Desai House today, then no one is worse than me.




I will send you back to the same jail and I will come to you for a lifetime, only then the ocean says, Hey Radhika, how big are you doing now, there is time for Ganpati immersion, so much so that my work will be done, then only Ba Dena will be offered prasad at home.


sends to collect the jewel goes to the house to take the prasad, only then Some ladies from the night say that start the worship, tell them that they will start the worship as soon as she has gone to Jaynagar, Radhika hears this and the song, only then Radhika says that there is an ocean at home as soon as knowledge goes on. If so, he confronts Sagar, says to Sagar that today you are very kind to me, I got the same, now


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I will enjoy taking revenge even more, Sagar stays inside the room, closes the room’s gate and Then calls but is unable to receive the time of bhajan kirtan in worship. As soon as the jewel comes out, she sees a man, tells her that you are also a man of the ocean,


tells her that we have come for your security. Anand Desai has kept us here on hearing this and tells him that Sagar is going with me, stops with him but runs away from there, the policeman calls his officer and says that if he is somewhere around here, he has not gone. Comes out of the ocean, is in front of him, then follows him. Sagar hides behind a car,



then I call my master but it is not known yet. Found who he is, then he tells him how to get out of there, asks him to change his form and join the worship, only then he comes to say that he runs away and asks Anant what has happened to Anant. Tells that I saw Sagar,


he was at home, this is not the case, then Sagar takes out a knife and attacks Anand, then Jewel saves Anand, then Anand beats Sagar, silencing him and running away, then the policemen also come there. They go, he also makes you a time for his exit, then the ocean smokes there and runs away, friends, now see what happens next.


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