Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein || 13 September Episode Story & Facts

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein || 13 September Episode Story & Facts

Friends, today we are going to tell you that you are missing, which story is being shown in someone’s love, friends, this story is going to be very funny and interesting for you, then definitely read it completely, friends, if you continue to have similar interesting and funny story





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when Shivani And Sunny keeps talking rightly apart, so the same voice says rightly that you do not see Virat’s love, did that pendal come for you, is it all just a show, did she celebrate your birthday, is she also a show off at home?





Lying to everyone, took you out for an anniversary party for you, is this all a pretense too, how upset he was when you had an accident, this is also a show why you do not see Virat’s love, only then it speaks right that you have not seen what I have seen Ni says right sister-in-law


Virat loves you truely says that I have seen Virat sir with my eyes holding Pakhi didi’s hand and sitting in coffee, how can I believe only then Shivani says that if you love Virat so much If you hate then why did you stop his transfer, we know so much that you or the rest is behind Virat’s transfer and nobody else’s then only says right, yes,


I have not stopped Virat’s transfer, I went to the officer I told him That Virat Sarkar is very important to stay here and his state of mind is not good for a few days, because of this he put his transfer on hold,




Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein Today Full Episode



Virat keeps listening to all these things standing behind and he gets very angry that right He did this without asking New without telling him anything and when he was asking him again and again, he has only lied, then all the families keep talking inside, today, after a long time, happiness has come in this house, both brothers have become Govinda together.


And look at Pakhi, how she was taking care of the emperor and how she was encouraging him, yet the rest says that Kaku We have to go home to meet Baba, if he sees the emperor, then he will be very happy, only then Sanyog Shivani also comes there. And you thank me who stopped Virat’s father asks Virat’s mother if you know who has stopped Virat’s transfer,


she says that I do not know if I had known, I would have thanked him only then Virat followed Comes from and says that I know who has stopped my transfer, only then the emperor asks him who has done it, then looking at Virat Singh, he says that who else can stop Virat’s mother becomes very happy that Sai has done Virat. The transfer is stopped,



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she hugs him and gives love, then Virat says that why did he do this without really asking me, did not even think about what is in my heart and in my heart and when I find out what will happen then the emperor speaks only What is there for you,

here Paki says that it does only what feels right to the right It seems that what she does is right, only then the emperor says that how do you talk properly, in this it is done only for your good, only then Ka says that you do not spoil your mind, you are there with the rest. Also have to go friends, see what happens even if you don’t get updates, stay with us on our website till then

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