Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein || 11 September Episode Story & Facts

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein || 11 September Episode Story & Facts

Friends, today we are going to tell you that which story is being shown to you in someone’s love. Will keep bringing new updates like this, if you want new new updates like this every day, then you have to share our website and share it as much as possible so that we keep bringing good interesting stories for you every day, friends,




the story shown to you In this, when Virat and the emperor keep climbing up to break the handi, then rightly tells Pakhi that only Virat will win the search of 5000. If he stays down, then Virat also stops, everyone is surprised to see this, only then he thinks rightly that Virat sir will not let his soul come, Virat remembers his childhood when he fell from the rope, not the emperor. was saved,


then the emperor climbs up, he also calls Virat upstairs. The brothers stand together but then the emperor’s foot slips and as soon as he falls down, Virat grabs his hand and lifts him up, tells the emperor, today you have saved Virat says that life I have saved you today, you are coming to save me from starting, then the emperor says that today both of us will break the pot together, then both of them break the pot together.





Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein || 11 September Episode Story & Facts

Friends, before going to the next story, let us tell you that you will get to see more stories on our website. Friends, for this, you have to share our website as much as possible and save it, friends, in the last story you will be shown that when both of them get down, everyone is very happy Shivani Saiya is pointing to Sunny after seeing tears in her eyes.


Look then Ka feeds sweets to both the brothers and everyone becomes very happy then Shivani and Sunny take Sunny to the side and ask her how did you do right, what I did, yet both say How did you stop Virat’s transfer order, the emperor stood behind and listens to all these things, rightly also says that I do not love Virat Will tell you and you all sing this in anger, you will be shown that When Rathi listens to this, he tells in front of all the family members that who stopped his transfer, I tell Rishi of his promotion that if you think that I have stopped your transfer wrong, I accept the punishment you give me. Stay tuned, you will get the next episode soon, I have not with us on our website.

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