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Ajay kumar yadav is fair, only then ji comes there, he says what are you doing in the box, Anil Kumar A says no, I am not speaking 90, I have to take care of this box because Anupama has to give mutual to tomorrow. Then you will see further that time is going out of the house or else today asks, explains, stops explaining, just we do not stop and the bar goes away, then the album comes, there the style says what happened, did not explain to them, did you speak experience Is


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I have understood that it is a matter on them now, they have grown up, then they will see further there also comes and she tells them, come on, you are not ready, do I have to go to Marege’s office, the director of the presentation refuses him otherwise today It is said that the lover will not go, nor will he ever speak, otherwise I will have to know that he is your friend.


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It will have a lot of effect, you have to go, Garba refuses, then you will see when it seems that I am going, then Manraj is waiting and where does he go, Anuj Kapadia calls him inside the office. good morning does sometime sees anuj kapadia again


That Anuj Kapadia was sitting somewhere else and then Kavya asks if you will come, then who is here, then he was sitting there, he says how good he is, how much value do you give to domestic help Anu, something happens to me and starts saying that the matter has worsened from now on, don’t say my father, parents are everything.


Understand that, remember from the front, then you will see that I sit down, the presentation is about to start, then Anupam comes there, Anupama is happy to see us, she sits in the friend, then Anushka gets a call to attend the call. stands for.


Otherwise you sleep that you were not coming, came here and slept, experience says we were not coming, but Kinjal and Babuji forced me to come here with me, then you will see further that Anushka Mallya says let’s present Let’s start, Kavya stands up to give money and Anuj goes beside the clothes while giving.


Anuj Kapadia stands up and says that you can give a presentation even sitting down, then you will get to see further that he is giving a presentation, when his presentation ends, Ansh Kapadia says that he is interesting, think your elder generation. that we will do something about this again you will see that Anuj Kapadia speaks


Anupam, now it is your turn to give tension to my life, you will not have to give the budget, then give your son, otherwise he will cook you with his poetry, then you will see on the other side that he does not go out of the ceremony to go to his house. When the time comes, then you understand


She sees Nandni but it doesn’t happen, she leaves, then she also comes there and explains to Samar, then you will see that she understands to talk from there and thinks what did I do for me, I should talk to her. Should not.


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