Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein || 10 September Episode Story & Facts

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein || 10 September Episode Story & Facts

 Friends, today we will tell you that what story is being shown to you in someone’s love, friends, this story is going to be very funny and interesting for you, friends, to know such interesting and funny story,





you have to save our website and  This will have to be shared as much as possible so that you can get all our upcoming updates, friends, in the story shown to you, when all the family members are sitting for worship, then Virat’s mother and Kaku ask all the daughter-in-law to bring the idol of Krishna. 




It is right that why do you all include me in these, while the relationship between me and Virat is just a compromise and nothing else, all the family members are surprised to hear this, only then Kaku says that if this is the case then when Virat goes for his transfer.  It was then why did you say that Virat does not stop for a moment for his wife, even the emperor says that yes right you said so, then Virat’s mother says that now do not say anything and silently do what the family says  Only then Reshma says that what will you get if you do it all the time, which gets angry after hearing it.  Kaku says that I will give the original pearl necklace to the one who first showed me Kanha’s face, then all the housewives raise Krishna in the cradle and then all the family members worship her.


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein || 10 September Episode Story & Facts


 Friends, before going to the next story, let us tell you that if you have not checked by visiting our website, then you can go there and check more serials and read them friendship, that too the story is very funny and interesting by going there.  You can also see friends, you will be shown further in this story that when all the family members keep taking the decision of playing Govinda in their courtyard, only then Mohit says that every year I become Govinda, this year someone else should make it or not. 



It says that when this Chauhan is celebrated in the courtyard of our house, then only one of our house should become Govinda, then all the people come in the courtyard of the house and Virat Samrat starts convening both, Virat refuses to become Govinda.  But all the people insist that both of you become Govinda and Matki convinces the emperor after the photo of both of you and does it there, right here comes to Virat and says please agree  No Virat doesn’t say anything, it is true and false, says yes that Virat sir has also agreed, she tells him that Virat sir  Please see how happy all the people of the house are, then Virat also agrees, friends, further you will be shown that when the Virat Emperor keeps climbing up to burst the pot, then when the Emperor keeps doing the rest, then nothing is said right like  Ho


Virat says then rightly says to the rest that Virat sir’s ghost is not there from your head yet, I think there is something else on your tongue and something else in your mind and when Shivani and Sunny live separately in the courtyard, then they are right.  When you hate Virat so much, why did you stop his transfer, Virat listens silently, friends, see what happens now, see you soon, not even with updates, our website has not been with us till then.  but thanks

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