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Kinjal is bathing Shiva, then preparing him, then everyone swings from him, when the husband and wife swing the swing, Anupama and all the rest of the family members burn Krishna, then you will see that after burning, the rest of the tomorrow comes. And while celebrating Anuj’s birthday, they say that if you have made our son’s life, then we will celebrate your birthday, Anuj says, today I am celebrating birthday in this family for the first time.


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Thanks to all of you for making my birthday, then the grandfathers who are there tell that till today he has not made his birthday, after his parents have not left, he is making it today, inform you all or still cut the cake and make birthday


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They feed each other then you will see Kavya standing behind Raju saying that talk to Anu about the factory or else it will go away then when will it be talking now it is coming then you will see that Anuj Kapadia starts walking Then he says silently that there may be something to kill for more food.


Will Anuj Kapadia then say that I will do everything only after seeing the team, when you come to the office tomorrow, when you see everything, I will tell then you will see that Anuj Kapadia is going out Anupama is standing outside and watching turns to Anushka and asks


That he is gone, Anupama says that the guest should leave for 4 times and there is nothing wrong in this, I am teaching you manners, then the lamp goes away because of you, you will see that Kavya is telling Vanraj that we should be in such a way. Going to meet tomorrow, who speaks that Anuj Kapadia sometimes speaks, he is our friend, isn’t it so in short form for one reason I call you heroic.


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