Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein || 9 September Episode Story & Facts

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein || 9 September Episode Story & Facts

Friends, today we are going to tell you that you are missing, which story is being shown in someone’s love, friends, this update is going to be very funny and interesting for you, then you must read it completely, friends, to know such a funny story, you Our website will have to be saved and shared as much as possible so that we keep on bringing such good updates to you friends, in the story shown to you, all the family members keep preparing for the worship of Janmashtami and the transfer of

Virat also stops. Due to which Virat remains very upset friends, Mohit’s wife Rashmi keeps cutting fruits for Prasad, only then seeing her mother-in-law and the fruit, she says that what are you doing, such fruits are cut a little in the Prasad, they are upside down. Responds that if you know how to bite, then you tell me, seeing the comedy of both of them, everyone starts laughing, Kaku taunts Virat’s mother that look how much work the rest is doing and your beloved daughter-in-law is nowhere to be seen. And today there will be a college holiday too, on Janmashtami, only then Virat’s mother She says that look, she is doing well in front, no Kaku says that yes, she looks very good, my daughter-in-law has decorated her, she stops talking a lot after hearing this.


Friends, before knowing the next story, let us tell you if you have shifted our website, then save it, we will keep bringing you daily decision updates, friends, in the next story, you will be shown that when the right home comes back, two Virat It happens less, tries to talk properly but Virat does not answer, Virat looks at the back of the right, then says where did you go and where are you coming from, don’t you have a hand in stopping my transfer, don’t do it right Kushwaha Then the mother puts it, then


Virat asks that you had taken this bag with you, says no, I took it with me, rightly tells him the other one, tells the fraud, tell the truth, where did you go to cancer behind you is not yours, right says that who is in whatsapp, how can i do this, thinking that Virat becomes silent, Dabi rightly says that let’s get ready, I have also taken out a dress for you, Virat after hearing this gets shocked and says that you have taken out the dress for me already it means you knew that my transfer will not happen true truth truth Tell me what you have, Singh still survives by making some excuse, friends, you will get further updates soon, till then brother, do our website daily, thank you

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