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Mithila Modi gives all the ornaments to Gopi then Mithila Modi goes to Rashi and gives her a jewel Mithila Modi’s husband knows why such discrimination is given to only one zodiac and so many to Gopi then Mithila Modi says that she is the family She is the elder daughter-in-law, so she got more things, understood the amount, then you will see that Kinjal comes

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And says that if your talks are over, then start the ritual of finding the ring. Mithilapuri does not say one thing before that, Aarti will do one thing before the elder daughter-in-law will do aarti in front of Lord Krishna of Jigar. Is Kinjal hands the tablet to Gopi


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Aarti is sung only after seeing from it, Gopi does not know how to read in our house, the zodiac becomes happy, she starts taking tablets, then the message is only then Gopi starts doing aarti and starts singing bhajans, she sings a lot of hymns. Then you will see that the amount goes from behind to Aligarh.


And calls to her mother on the phone i.e. Parmila and says that there is nothing to eat here, I have not eaten anything till now and gave everything to Gopi, but then she says that not when she got her If Cisco Pi’s truth is known, he will bring Gopi out of fever and all you will get, have some patience, it is a matter of few days.


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Then the zodiac says yes it is true, then it says that I am very hungry, I did not eat anything there and got it, I have eaten too much after filling my stomach, till now my stomach is full, the zodiac says what should I do Where should I eat food, I am very hungry, got a paper, says I will go to their kitchen, but see if something is kept, the amount goes to the kitchen.


Nothing is found there, on the other hand you will see that the aarti ends, Mithila Modi sees that there is no amount, here Mithila Modi says, find where the amount has gone, then you will see that the amount gets milk in the kitchen in the fridge. She starts drinking all the milk kept like this, only then Kinjal comes there and says


Sister-in-law, what have you done, it was just mother’s milk, you all drank all the family members come there and start saying that where will they come from now I was hungry in sorrow, if we would have told us, I would have eaten all of us. Even we are hungry, all of us have not eaten anything, then Saksham speaks, no problem mother, it has been a long night, tomorrow, after taking rasam then Mithila movie speaks.


That it is not the business that has been taken tomorrow, this is the ritual, it will happen now, then Modi says in your midst where to bring milk, then you will see that the amount speaks, I go and bring milk from the market, whenever the lamp says that the market So it must have been closed in Mithile, you swear tomorrow itself, no matter what, then you will see that the zodiac says I was very hungry


That’s why I drank, but if I could bring milk, I would definitely bring it, then I speak, the zodiac sign says that you have to do rasam, if I get milk from somewhere, I will bring it, then Mithila Modi says that you will get milk from us. Nandini will caress you then you will see that they all go to Nandini na day is their singer’s name


Mithila Modi holds the bucket and tells Rashi that whoever gets the milk, then you will see Mithila Modi also gives the bucket to Gopi and says that my Gopi daughter-in-law will come and let’s see who will bring it first.


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