Sath Nibhana Sathiya Season 2 || 8 september Episode Story & Facts

Sath Nibhana Sathiya Season 2 || 8 september Episode Story & Facts

Friends, today we are going to tell you which story is being shown in this episode of Aap Ko Saath Nibhana Saathiya Season 2 Friends, this story is going to be very funny and interesting for you friends, you will get to see news twists in C story, friends.






You should read it completely, for fun updates from others, you have to save our website and share it as much as possible so that we keep bringing new updates for you, friends, you will get to see similar stories on our website every day. In the story shown to you, when the jewel’s master gets hurt, Anant admits him to the hospital, the doctor explains his condition as serious and says that he needs blood a lot,



Anant lets his blood come and saves his life. takes them, then brings them home, all the family members meet them and thank them Anand’s baba tells them that whenever you get time, you must come, then as soon as Anand keeps leaving the master outside, call him.


comes he receives So he all says that today you will not give further on me, Anand recognizes his voice and says that you are not of the ocean, Sagar tells Anand that you have voice time Charlie but will not be able to recognize my trick, let me give you only one I give the whole Desai family will be ruined on this Ganpati, why does he disconnect the call, say all these things and Kaku listens, only then something else goes there and talks about worshiping Ganpati.



Sath Nibhana Sathiya Season 2 || 8 september Episode Story & Facts



Friends, before knowing the next story, let us tell you that on our website you will get to see more and more good stories, you can read them even by voice, friends, we will continue to bring new updates for you every day like this, friends, you will get a lot on our website. You will get to see the story of the episode, friends, in this story, you will be shown further that when those ladies ask all the family members who will participate in this Ganpati, then they say that this time all the family members will participate in it, then those ladies from there.

When she leaves, Pankaj says that what did you do Jewel, you do not know, this time there is a danger of Sagar name looming on us, hearing this, all the householders go to Chowk, Anand’s father says that Sagar Sagar is in jail, then Anant says That sorry papa, brother like you escaped from Sagar Jail on the day of Janmashtami and he got this attack on Gehna, all the family members get nervous and say that they should not participate in this or say that When Ganpati is with us, why should we be afraid of the ocean, friends, this story is much more fun and interesting. Interested is going on, you must read this

Friends, Sagar comes to Desai house with color on his face for the worship of Ganpati and brings dolls, he lives Kanak and calls on the side. Kanak goes to meet her with Radhika and says tell what plan is your Radhika now. Is that he will not give you any such identity,


Kanak says that Sagar is my disciple, I could not recognize him, then what else Radhika tells him that Kanak do not be smarter and do not know if anyone’s eyes are sharper than you then Sagar goes from there and in the middle of the puja he puts a slip in Anand Karyo when he falls, he thinks that it is not the ocean or not, as soon as Anand looks back, Sagar shakes his hands and says hi to him. Hai Anand gets nervous seeing him friends, stay with us for such good good but do our website daily.

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