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Kavya comes to Vanraj and says that I checked Anuj Kapadia’s social media file, he is single, he is not married yet and till date neither has any girlfriend, he is also single and Vanraj gets angry about this. Hearing this and he accidentally takes her blood, then it takes 9 to take his blood, then from there poetry goes.


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Then you will see further that the group comes dressed up, everyone comes dressed in their own dress. Nandini is alone, Anupam asks where is Samar, Nandini tells that I have called but he is not picking up, then calls Nandini again, then she picks up he walks alone on the road


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In the middle of the road again the album talks to Amar that where are you son, Samar says that I do not come, you Nandini lied to me a lot, I don’t know how much lie I have lied I am very angry I do not come home kills them Starts calling son, come home, come home and stay alone, no matter how much you want to stay, Samar says I don’t want to be alone


And don’t say son, come to the fort at home, we will leave you alone in a room, take as much as you want, but come home, summer keeps fighting and does not say that I will not come brother, you will see on the other side that Anushka and her grandfather stayed there in the temple where they stayed in the car. When they got down from the car, they saw a boy coming.


From now on on the road he sees that Anuj has hit attention, very much then you will see that a truck is coming from behind. Anuj Kapadia sees that he is about to hit the boy, his freight goes to him and saves Samar from the accident. Due to being Anubhav, there is an accident in the call. Anupama shouts loudly.


What happened, Nandini says that we were talking about the ceremony and the sound of an accident came, then all the housemates start going out that I will bring Samar to find Anupama participates only then Manraj stops and says we will go to find you. nothing will happen to you then you will see that the call comes on the mobile


He is told that send the address, I am bringing the boy, then sends the address, then he is coming in vain, understands and says how I came here in the car, I was going to have an accident, then Anuj says I have Told you don’t take tension, by the way what is the name of your girlfriend, Samar speaks


Talking to each other, they will see on the other side that there is a lot of tension in the house. Manisha Bose thinks what was the matter, he was going out of the house so angry and was not coming to the house, must have done something, you start saying this poetry That’s why something is said, what has happened automatically, is angry


Even outside the house and Leela’s fight starts ringing, you start shouting at each other, then you will see that her daughter’s husband is silent, although there is so much problem in this house, what happened, do not know what happened right now. You are fighting, let go of the village, then you will see that the call comes


Some mill picks up the summer, then Anupama of the hugging Baba scolds him that says that he will be angry at home as much as he is at home, then you see that Anuj’s water descends After getting out of the car from the car, Anushka Madiya comes. Everyone outside is shocked then Anupama says thank you with folded hands and says thank you for saving my son.


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