Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein || 7 September Episode Story & Facts

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein || 7 September Episode Story & Facts

Friends, today we are going to tell you that you are missing, which story is being shown in someone’s love, the friendly story is going to be very funny for you, then definitely read it friends, to know such a funny story,




you have to save our website and This will have to be shared as much as possible so that we keep bringing good updates for you, friends, you will get new updates on our website, friends, in the story shown to you, the emperor and the rest agree to start a new relationship.

They become very happy and are most happy with this thing about the park, friends, when all the people are sitting in the house, they keep talking about what the emperor and the rest will decide, friends of their life, today we will tell you this story.

Friends will tell about the story in this serial that has become very funny and interesting friends, when everyone is sitting in people, then as soon as they get up for breakfast, they already make breakfast for everyone else and the table which But then everyone sits at the table and you That everyone’s breakfast is light,

then as soon as the family members look at the table, the emperor’s favorite thing is kept on it, seeing that it is such that all is not well between the emperor and Pakhi, seeing it, it looks like this. That’s when Virat says that I have to talk to you guys, I have to tell you guys about my transfer.





Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein || 7 September Episode Story & Facts

Friends, before going to the next story, let us tell you that you will get to see the story of more serials on our website, you can come and read them too. Story with friends is also very funny and interesting, you must read them and our Check by visiting the website,

friends, we will keep bringing you many new updates, friends, in this story you will be shown further that when Virat tells everyone that my transfer letter has arrived, I have to leave for my new posting tomorrow,

then all the family members Surprised, the most surprised is right because she does not want to let Virat go away from her, the family members explain to Virat that you should have asked all of us once, only then it is right that you have got your transfer done yourself.

Not that you have found Virat’s mother WhatsApp asks if you are telling the right truth why you did this Tells all the family members that.


Pakhi and Samrat want to start their new relationship with a pooja. Pakhi requests Virat to support his transfer for a few days and join him in his worship. That Jiva I am very happy for you but I will not be able to postpone my posting and what does it matter if I am here or not,

Baba I will keep sending you checks every month, how can you give it to Singh only then it is right that I am my I will spend my expenses with the scholarship money, why does Virat Sand say that your responsibility is mine until you stand on your feet and the responsibility of your expenses is also mine, friends,

you will be shown further that when the worship is done in the house, after that Outside in the garden, Sai meets Shivani and Virat’s friend, there she tells Shivani that when you do not like Virat, why did he stop his transfer, Virat listens to this, now see what happens next, see you soon with the new pet. Till stay with us on our website.

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