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Friends, the amazing article I will get to read you that what will happen in Anupama’s episode, although you know what is going on in Anupama’s episode, Anuj Kapadia Anupama’s friend who loves Anupama has come and Vanraj and Kavya Want him to buy the cafe to know what happened to the factory, whether he will buy or not, you visit our website and also follow the telegram channel for the latest updates.




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Otherwise, ji’s father brings the radio, comes playing a song in it, tells the district and starts dancing, Leela also speaks with Leela, in this age everything does not suit Kiran says that age, are you a pair? If you don’t care, one is the pair of Kishan and Radha and the other is the pair of both of you, who is the best in the other world, then you will see further that your mother goes on a shopping spree and says that I want to become Radha today.


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No, I don’t want to be understood, I don’t want to be, let your children do it Experience speaks, talk with thought Should be made and children will be all, then Kinjal comes there and says Papa ji you have to be for me and this is the final decision, you will listen to your daughter and then you will see Nandni comes on the other side. is and is saying how not saying.


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How should I handle that, I do not understand that thing, then you will see the same thing on the other side that Samar goes to Nandani’s ex, he calls her to meet him, he tells everyone how much I want him, it was my fault, I left him Diya but now I get treatment so I am back then you will see that Anupama would have been talking further then only Kinjal comes there.


And says that Samar was sent to the market to bring something and has not come till now, where are you, calls on the phone, she asks where are you son, are you fine, come soon and says I am fine, then peace to the mind Meets. Then it has come, you will get to see the other side, everyone is preparing


Then Pakhi turns on the TV, plays the video in it and says that Divya Aunty has sent me, Anupama did not have a phone, so Divya sent her to the rest, then she plays the video, there in that video, Anuj and Anupama dance. We are doing very well together with each other, then you will see that poetry starts saying something.


Then the rest tells that Anupama Anuj’s kayak starts saying poetry again during college days that one eye starts asking on one side only, then you will see further that Leela speaks Anupama gets up in anger and walks away and tells her. Is. On the other side you will see that Anuj Kapadia is looking at the paper.


There is no problem in the center of his dance academy of Anupama’s and Vanraj’s Kaise, there he is sitting there watching, Sidhu will see in the laptop, despite that you ask to cook food and say, let’s visit the temple there. Will come


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