Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein || 6 September Episode Story & Facts

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein || 6 September Episode Story & Facts 

Friends, today we are going to tell you that you are missing, what and which story will be shown in someone’s love, friends, to know the full story of this, save our website and share it as much as possible friends, we will make new new ones for you every day. Updates will be kept with us, friends, friends on our website, in the story shown to you.



when Virat and right keep talking to each other, then tells Virat that we believe that I do not like you nor our relationship is like this Is what I was hurt then you were your own friendship Virat says rightly what was the situation then and you have something else I ask what was it like then and what is it like now Virat comes to you You will not be able to understand and neither do I have to explain to you, then as soon as she starts giving medicine to Virat,


she asks Virat what did you say to the rest of the didi that she started crying and you did not hold her hand and started silencing Virat while taking his medicine. He withdraws his hand and does not take medicine, then Virat says that if you have not come, then how much do you explain to you? And you don’t understand anything, I don’t have to talk about this, nor do you say it’s right Holds it and feeds the medicine and here Pakhi says to the emperor that


I want to start my relationship that a few days ago I was refusing, what happened now that the emperor who agreed to live with me speaks to Pakhi That I know what has happened between you and Virat, now the distance has increased between Virat and me, but he is my younger brother, I have known him since childhood, you must have done your worship and because of this, you should stay with me. want to






Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein || 6 September Episode Story & Facts

Before going to the next story, let us tell you that on our website you will get to see more serials, you can come and see them, we will keep bringing new prints for you every day, friends, that serial is also very funny and their updates are also very funny. Hey friends, it will be shown to you that when there are talks between the emperor and Pakhi, then Pakhi gets emotional and agrees to this relationship with the emperor, the rest asks the emperor whether you will leave the house or not, the emperor says that I Can’t stop here, can the rest be emotional and tell me that I have no life, do I have no right to be happy, does the emperor understand that you are an educated and intelligent girl, you ruin your life in such a marriage.


You can’t go ahead, do something in your life, stay with me, only then Pakhi says that I get a voice from inside that I give one more chance to this relationship and our relationship, the same thing keeps revolving in the heart of the emperor with enthusiasm for marriage. Time was heard from the mouth of Pakhi, the emperor keeps thinking about the same thing, friends, all the family members here are sad. They keep on coming that everything should be fine in the house, the emperor should say yes to stay with the rest and friends, today you will be shown that when all the family members keep having breakfast, Virat tells all the family members that my transfer letter is coming. Gone and I have to go in a few days, only then the rest says that we have kept a puja, only then Kaku says about our relationship that you have decided to live together, does the emperor speak only then others think in their mind that Virat now see How do you feel seeing the emperor coming to me friends, if you get very funny updates, then stay with us in Daily


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