Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein || 4 September Episode Story & Facts

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein || 4 September Episode Story & Facts


Friends, today we are going to tell you which story is being shown to you in this serial, friends, this update is going to be very fun for you, friends, to know such funny updates, you have to save our website and share it as much as possible.  Will have to share more so that you do not get all our upcoming updates and you keep getting such funny stories, friends, in the story shown to you, when Virat tells his and yours in front of everyone, everyone is surprised and only the rest.  Friends misunderstand, when Virat and Sahi are sitting in their room, Sai gets angry. Friends, right, ask Virat, what are you studying for so long, you do not see how long I am so upset, only then Virat speaks  Why are you getting upset friends, then both of them talk about you, send them, they keep getting angry, friends, this story is going on very funny, Virat asks rightly that I went there only to meet my friend and  nothing and I was just holding his hand and more than that  There is nothing between us, but this thing is not understood properly, due to which even Virat gets angry and tells him that why do you matter, there is no such relation between you and me, which should make a difference.  Our relationship is only one heart and nothing else, it is all you have said. Sai says that this is true, immortal relationship is only one heart, friends Virat and there is a debate in the right, here the emperor goes to his room in which the pakhi conscience  Raheeti tells Wafa Ki that I will leave you in 5 minutes as soon as the emperor starts leaving the room, Tofa stops him and talks about something and also tells his decision.



Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein || 4 September Episode Story & Facts



 Friends, before going to the next story, let us tell you that you will get more serial information on our website.  It will be shown that the rest tells the emperor that I have made my decision, what is my decision whether we can live together, we can make a new beginning, only then the emperor asks the rest that on the day when I told you this thing  So why didn’t you answer then did you want to talk to Virat before answering or tell me something else Paki explains to the emperor and the emperor also says yes to it friends the next morning when all the family members are having breakfast  When it happens, Samrat and Pakhi give their decision, they tell all the family members that both of them have decided to live together, have seen their relationship by giving a new chance, all the family members are very happy and the rest think in their mind.  Now see how do you feel Virat  Hearing this, Virat gets shocked, all this will be shown to you in the next update, friends, this update is going to be a lot of fun for you, friends, to go ahead, we will continue to get on our website daily, till then stay with us.




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