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Friend, today its owner, in the article, you will get to read what will happen in the episode of Tera Mera Saath Rahe, although you already know what is going on, Gopi is going to get married to Saksham and Rashi is also married, what will happen next to Akshay To know you visit our website and you can also join our telegram channel for latest updates.


Tera Mera Saath Rahe story and full episode






Mithila Modi and her family comes with a procession but Mila and her family wait for the rapists to come to the door; Saksham touches his feet, but only then Pramila catches the nose of the wound and says that I held your nose, we have a ritual here. He will see again to catch his nose, but the Y letter of the found able to catch his nose, only then it says that Disha’s mother belongs to me, I don’t hold her nose again, then you will see that they all go inside








Saksham and Aks have plants, but Mila and Divya’s mother Diksha’s mother then you will see that Rashi hides Saksham’s shoes and then Rashi says that Akshay will have to join your brother’s shoes, what we have found, still find Go then you will see the plane makes but goes to me but Mila locks Gopi in the bathroom


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Saying that you go to the bathroom will take time, then you have to come to the bathroom, it stops, then you will see that the zodiac takes the person with him so that he can find the light, the zodiac goes to the bar and pretends to bite the scorpion but Mila sends the camera person to make a video outside and asks outside that it is written in his hands in jail, the video is going on inside but Mila starts shouting.


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What has happened, what is my respect to my daughter, what has happened to this, then you will see that in that video it is seen that the alphabets are together, then they go inside Mithila Modi asks Akshay what we saw Cheap Aks says no, I was taking the prison out of his hands, the scorpion had bitten it, then you will see that Divya’s mother speaks, you must be saying like this, your boy is like this


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We did not know that we do not marry our daughter, then Mithila Modi asks Disha to tell me the truth, do you also think that you can often do this or will you also think like your mother then did not give initiation, I am sure. Will you marry me then you will see then a boy comes saffron and says tell the direction who am I to take you, it says my friend is saver boy says only friend, I am your boyfriend and tell everyone.




On the other hand you will see that Gopi is settled inside in the bathroom and is shouting that save me, but Gopi is unable to get out from there, Gopi keeps on screaming, you will first see that when Gopi screams you Mithila Modi comes in the room. Mithila Modi checks the bathroom, she feels that there is no one here, sometimes you talk a lot, then Mithila Modi leaves, then she starts shouting again that save, save but no one comes to save.




Gopi starts shouting that I am suffocated, save me, I can not stay here, now Mithila will look away on the other side Mithila Modi is looking for where Gopi is getting married with Gopi Junction, Saksham feels that Gopi has gone here Maybe I should tell you I am your Modi.


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