Sath Nibhana Sathiya Season 2 || 3 september Episode Story & Facts

Sath Nibhana Sathiya Season 2 || 3 september Episode Story & Facts

Friends, today we will tell you which story is being shown to you in the story of this episode, friends, the story of this episode is going to be very funny, you must read it completely, friends, to know such funny stories, save our website. And share it as much as possible friends, you have been shown in such a story that when all the family members were doing their own role, Radhika had replaced a fake sword with a real sword at the same time according to her plan, which Radhika knew. This sword belonged to Gyan Kanak Kumari and Kanak got Sagar out of jail for his friend friends, in this episode and this story is going to be more fun because 3 goons have come in the country, friends, now Sagar has also come out. It is to be seen how Gehna saves her family. Friends, whenever Sagar comes out of jail, he calls Kanak and tells that he too, I have come out, tell Kanak what to do now. About then all the family members celebrate the joy of Janmashtami, all keep performing their roles, two on stage We will tell you the story ahead, why what is going to happen in this.







Sath Nibhana Sathiya Season 2 || 3 september Episode Story & Facts

¬†Friends, before going to the next story, let us tell you that you will get to see more stories on our website, you can also see them by going there, that story is also very funny, friends, you must see them, friends, as I told you. When Gena overhears Radhika and Tanak’s words, I follow them and see what are they planning. Radhika asks her to play the role of Kanak on the topic of flying, which Kanak says yes to and with all the family members. Along with celebrating Janmashtami, she agrees to play a role, here Anant wants to tell Gehna about his heart, but some problem comes in front of him, due to which he is unable to tell his story to Gehna, friends come to Radhika’s house. Due to departure, there has been more trouble in Desai House, now after Sagar comes out of jail, more trouble is going to come in it and this story is going to be a lot more fun friends, it is to be seen when Gena kills Kanak with the real sword. So what happens, will the jewel be able to save Kanak, what will happen when all the family members or family Ta will chalega friends, keep watching the full story friends who meet with us soon, stay with us till then do dairy with us with the next update.





 Friends, if you also want to read our story, then you have to go to Google and search daily, then our website will be open in front of you, you can read new new story there, friends, we will keep bringing you Delhi New New New Story and updates.

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