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Friends, today in this article, you will get to read what will happen in the episode of Anupama, although you know what is going on in the experience Anupama is going to the party of the day union, if you want to know what will happen next, then you are our Visit the website, here you will get the latest updates and also follow the telegram channel.





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You will get to see that Anupama comes ready and Bhauji praises her that you are looking very nice. Hua stops and starts doing something for Divya, a fight starts between Divya and Kavya, Kavya tells Nipomo that you are going to get ready as if you are going to meet someone special, Anubhav says we will meet anyway You can wear clothes too, says Divya







Whom do you go to meet Freedom, it is free, you can go anywhere and do anything, you will see who you are, you will see that there is a fight between Devi and Kabe, Anupama says that shut up, everyone is nowhere for me Then Vanraj stops Anupama and tells Anupama you go, I have always stopped you and today is your day.


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You should go meet old friends you should go and you are looking very good it also says otherwise today Anupama and Divya go to Anupama then Anupama reaches there Divya experience says that you have become such a big deal and I If you didn’t tell me, you could have taken money from me too, what was the need to take a loan, the brother goes to the road


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Make a promise that if this ever happens in the future, you will tell me and I will help, says ok I will do it Sridevi and says let’s go inside, someone is waiting for you and we say who hey, no one is waiting friend Doing is to meet old friends, will you see on the other side Kavya is returning from Vanraj and is saying


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You have praised me a lot today Anupama, then you will see that Anupam meets you friends, Divya tells all her friends that there is yet another one to come, she likes you very much, Anubhav speaks at such an age. I don’t like it and I have three kids what are you talking to Divya says you don’t but he likes you then you will see that the light goes off




Anupama’s sandals go, a man comes, the light gets burnt and the feet of experiences are found in that lite5 general, then he wears it, then Anu is Anu ji Kapadia, then Anupama talks to him, you also make your acquaintance. He then tells that Anushka Pandey wants friend forums, so he is the one who was buying our factory. Then she talks to experiences and thinks in friends




That I should talk to Anusha that why she didn’t buy our factory, what was the reason she didn’t buy our factory, I should ask, only then you see, it is being done in the same way and it also comes outside in the car, they come to meet Anuj that they think It is there that there are clothes, it says minority, you are partying on mother that we have come here, I don’t know what will happen or not.



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