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Friends, in which amazing article you will get to read that you will be with me, what will happen to me, although you already know what is going on, Gopi’s marriage is going to happen, but to know what will happen next, you visit our website. And follow telegram channel for latest updates.



Tera Mera Saath Rahe story and full episode


Mithila Mote said that let’s get married, 22 daughter-in-law of both of our children will come in the ocean Come she also studied you, then now she will see on the other side Gopi tells Rashi to get ready, but she says no, I will prepare you only.









There, after taking turmeric, Pramila gets a call about Mithila Modi and says what are you doing, but Mila says that I am going to apply turmeric to Gopi, there is a mole on her face, her face will get spoiled, so we are preparing at home, let Modi speak I am doing it from today but I will be ready in the parlor, I have done the whole parlor for that too, bring her there, I am coming there, but then you will see that there you go to the parlor

Tera Mera Saath Rahe TV serial

Gopi sits in the parlor to get ready, Saksham’s brother’s wife sits next to him, she is very good behind him, you are we also like English, we will get a pair of both only from that sir’s name I am glad that you which tissue she likes then but mila says that and she saves then she says i like the answer but mila says

Tera Mera Saath Rahe serial cast Star bharat

Anyway the answer is liked then the lines are happy to have heard some lines singing that Gopi daughter-in-law is going to recite Mithila pearl farming, but only then Saksham is opened Islam OTP Mithila mode bar goes and starts listening to Saksham’s call Hai able asks where is Gopi my husband is here, don’t take tension the night will go to you let’s talk

Tera Mera Saath Rahe new serial

Then Saksham asks Gautam said something to you, what did you say, did not say anything with your mouth, then you will see Mithila goes inside me but the zodiac sits there and she also takes her to Milan. Then Mithila asks the row, that row speaks the amount. Mithila thinks that if you do not listen, then the evidence is good, she says

We are going to do what we are going to do in the parlor It is saying that coming dressed well, cow slaughter starts crying, only then Samsung’s call comes to Gopi and Saksham says that you remember my message, what I sent, Saksham feels like doing the same

That anger knows that he has to breakup, if he doesn’t get married, he doesn’t know anything, then he disconnects the call, then you will see further that Saksham gets ready, gets ready to take the procession there, only then Saksham’s grandmother speaks Don’t forget me when someone goes, satsang says no, oh no, there is no such thing.

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