Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein || 2 September Episode Story & Facts

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein || 31 August Episode Story & Facts

Friends, today we are going to tell you which story is being shown to you in this serial, friends, if you want to know this story, then save our website and share it as much as possible so that you will get all our upcoming updates, friends. In the story shown, when she sees Virat in a coffee shop with Sahi Pakhi, she is surprised and only then Pakhi and Virat also see her and then they speak to Sahi’s friends that see whom you care so much. How was she sitting comfortably in the coffee shop, friends, this story is going to be a lot more fun, if you want to see it in full, then you have to save our website, friends, when the right comes at home, Virat asks the mouse that right Son is everything fine, why are you looking so sad, what happened, has something happened in college, Sai does not tell anything and goes to her room and she is very upset seeing Virat with Paki, Virat’s mother tells her They start going to his room to inquire about the condition, then Shivani stops them and says that I will go and see. What is the matter Shivani goes to Sai’s room and asks her what is the matter of Sai, why are you so distant and sad since then, tells everything right, tells her that I have done Virat and Pak today. Have seen Didi together in a coffee shop, they were sitting holding each other’s hand, which seemed that they were telling their condition to each other, seeing which I got very angry and I came I thought that Virat sir’s My health is very bad,








Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein || 31 August Episode Story & Facts

so I wanted to come home early from college but when I saw Virat sir and the rest together in the coffee shop, my mood got spoiled and I came home and listened to all these things Virat standing outside the gate. stays but asks Shivani why you are getting so angry, you used to say that Virat and your relationship is only one heart and nothing stands and says yes it is true Virat sir and mine Relationship is one heart only, Virat keeps listening to all these things and keeps getting hurt, friends, if you want to know about more episodes, then you will find it on our website Daily Karo, friends. You can go there and check them, friends, we will keep bringing you new updates like this, friends, when Shivani asks her why are you getting so angry, then she rightly tells her that I am angry because she is still in the family. They are meeting in the coffee shop by lying to him, only then Shivani says what is it that they could not do at home, they had to go to the coffee shop, rightly tells that they were sitting in the coffee shop holding each other’s hands Paki didi is crying And Virat sir was holding her hand and silencing her and both of them were sitting among themselves talking about their hearts. Shivani asks him, then Sunny tells Shivani that if Samrat Dada will come to know that his wife and his brother are his What is he doing behind his back, then how will he feel then Virat leaves from there and goes and sits in the hall, there he calls all the family members and asks some of them what is the matter, why are you calling everyone Virat Rohit Tells to go right upstairs and bring Shivani and bring the emperor also Mohit goes upstairs and calls both of them again. All the people come to the hall today in the hall of the house, then Virat says in front of everyone that today my soul is angry with me, the reason for which is only me, today I want to tell all the family members that I am not my pitch yesterday. Whatever happened, it was my yesterday, I will not bring it today, today I want to tell all the family members that after hearing what happened between me and Pakistan’s today, Pakistan starts thinking whether Virat should tell all this She will tell Virat in her mind whether not Virat, don’t do anything like this, but Virat tells everyone what happened between her and Pakhi, friends, you will be shown how the family reacts after hearing all this. To get more such interesting information, stay tuned to our website, see you soon with the next update, till then stay with us.

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