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Nandini is crying Anupam, shut up, don’t see if it’s all my fault Didn’t even tell Anupam says no problem son, I will explain to Samar but you call me and tell me to talk to me and finish the whole thing before you left me but now you can’t come in my life by talking Nandi says








Ok then you will see on the other side Rakhi is looking at the check and says how did these little people hit me on the face like this, where did they get the money from then Rakhi says she calls me and calls to her employee. She and says what should I send that she will have to deposit in the bank, which bounces, then take the police with Anupama.

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Go away, show them their status, then you will see on the other side of the house, Funda Jor Kavya comes to the house, Leela brings laddus that the check should just go to the bank and get the money, Vanraj says that not only his heart, he refused to buy Leela says how can you do this, they say Firoji that it doesn’t matter, now someone else will have to send it because now you have decided to send and have to pay the money, then you say

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Kavya says that all this has happened because of Anupama, she has not applied, then you will see what happens that after checking and hitting her in the face, she will answer why Sara gets scared in work and says that she will tell me. Do not send it to the police, then only then Anupam comes there, Kavya goes to Anupama and says

You go to Rakhi and bring that check, anyway you have left today by going in front of her, go away once more, what do you know, listen to you, experience speaks, I went for my work and it was my mistake, so I did my Correct the mistake, now go and correct the mistake you have made, don’t expect from me, sometimes there comes a kinjal

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And gives the check, Anubhav asks where does it come from that I went to the office and brought it there, she tells that her voice message has come from Rakhi Maa and is saying that if she does not hide the money in 1 month, then it will be mine. I will do it then you will see on the other side Anupama’s friendship also comes there, the film is abused, she then Anubhav says that get ready today I am going first and asks them

Where are you going Divya says that today all friends have to meet Renew wrote to the school and we will all meet friends, get ready, experience says no, I don’t know, there is so much problem going on in the house, then Leela also says that eyes are a problem. What will she do and send, she loves Anupama by saying something to Leela and the rest looks very good after getting ready.

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