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In the article of friend Ashish Kumar, you will get to read what will happen in Anupama Casper Sod, although you know what is going on in the experience, from where Anubhav has arranged for money, keep reading our article and for the latest updates. For this you can follow us on Telegram.



Anupama story and full episode



Vanraj tells Rakhi, take Rakhi away from my house, Rakhi says that this is not your home, now it is my home too, everyone says how are you talking, have you gone mad, do eyes speak, Nirmal Raj goes to Anupama and Says what is she saying then Rakhi speaks Anupam has sent me home last night at 2:00 pm and Anupama has mortgaged me the house, I have given that 4000000 then why mana speaks what the truth is telling priceless K is right here, then Vanraj Anupama’s price comes and Babuji stays in the middle, stop but Vanraj does not stop and starts saying







By asking whom did you not even think what would happen or not, then you will see that Kinjal tells Rakhi that you should mortgage me to you, I will do whatever you tell me, leave the sophistication Rakhi says why should I not leave it like this May this house is mine, then you will see that babu ji says that Anupama has asked me what she has done last night she called me and I gave her permission that she can

If you have mortgaged the house and mortgaged the house, then you will see that Rakhi puts her name plate on it and says that my house is now I can do anything and says that today you too come to me and your sister. Send it or else Janu tells uncle that I will never tell you the mistake you have done today, I used to think you are an idiot but you are such a big idiot, you dealt with Rakhi, the pain I gave you in so many years, you gave me in one stroke given.

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